On Samsung Android phones, CoolEUkor, also known as CoolEUkor bloatware, is an application that typically runs in the background. It was bundled with some Samsung phones and preloaded on many European models. This blog post covers what is cooleukor app, what it does, and how to remove it from your Samsung phone.

What is CoolEUkor?

CoolEUkor is an application that came pre-installed with some European models of the Samsung Android phone. It works with the fonts that come with the default keyboard. In addition, it lets the user change the fonts for the texts. The application is a font management program. CoolEUkor is currently only available for select Samsung Android phones and was previously distributed only in Europe. If you are outside Europe and have installed CoolEukor on your phone, CoolEUkor was likely preloaded by your carrier or retailer from where you purchased the phone.

What does it do?

The application lets the user change fonts on the Samsung Galaxy without needing to install additional fonts. The CoolEUkor application performs the following functions:

CoolEUkor provides an interface for selecting a font for your Samsung Galaxy phone. This is useful with phones with limited font options (like stock Android). It lets you change the font for the keyboard on your Android phone. It also lets you preview how your text will look before making any changes. You can have up to 30 different fonts installed once and switch between them in CoolEukor as many times as you like. CoolEukor will change the font whenever a text is selected for the keyboard. You can choose which fonts to be displayed on your phone.

How to remove it from your Samsung phone?

Installing CoolEUkor is done by visiting the Play Store and downloading the application. It has no permissions, so it does not require special permissions to install. It is preinstalled on some Samsungs, and you will find it if you open your device settings from the Settings application. Once established, if you want to remove CoolEUkor from your phone, the following steps will help you do so:

Open the application by tapping on its icon. Click Advanced Configuration and tap Clear Data. Then select Clear user data (in addition, tap OK). Then access your home screen. Go to Settings > Application Manager on your phone and tap on the CoolEUkor application. Tap on Clear data. Right-click "CoolEukor" and what is cooleukor app, select Delete. To access the list of applications on your phone, go to Settings > Applications and then scroll down to select "All". You will see a list of applications installed on your device. You can scroll through this list to find the CoolEUkor app and uninstall it by tapping on it.


CoolEUkor is a Samsung application available for some Samsung phones but not others. If your phone comes with CoolEUkor, you can remove it or uninstall it anytime by following the instructions above. CoolEUkor provides the user an interface to change fonts on the Samsung Galaxy without needing to install additional fonts. However, you can use third-party apps like Font Changer to change your font without using CoolEUkor.